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102_OneClik_MC_web.jpg EDR-102 One-Clik Multi-Connex SKU: EDR-102 Price: 15.00
Price: $15.00

Go from Hair-Raising MESS



One Click, and all your wing servos are  securely connected to your Rx in the fuselage!!

What can be easier than that??

  • Available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 Servos.
  • Length (connected): 8"
    Custom lengths available - CALL.

Select Number of Servos and Radio Type
117MGS_Fire_web.jpg EDR-117MGS Machine Gun System SKU: EDR117MGS Price: 60.00
Price: $60.00
On Sale! 55.00
On Sale! $55.00

Warbird Pilots...

Are you having FUN  yet?

A WAR bird Gotta have GUNS!!

Plug into any spare channel for
Up to EIGHT Sunlight-Visible,
Synchronized 50-cal Machine Guns!

Select Gun Configuration:
207L_web_s.jpg EDR-207L NanoTest A123 BatteryTester SKU: EDR207L Price: 39.95
Price: $39.95
On Sale! 29.95
On Sale! $29.95


Fly with the CONFIDENCE of knowing that your A123 battery's up to snuff!

THE Instant, E-Z Go / No-Go Pre-flight Tester for A123 batteries.

Displays individual cell voltages under a 300mA load to ± 0.005V.

All cells AT LEAST 3.30V GO FLY!
How E-Z it that??

Comes with FREE EDN-XH2S-JR Adapter ($10 value) for ED-Nano (A123) 2S Rx batteries.


208_Display_web.jpg EDR-208 Battery Checker SKU: EDR208 Price: 39.95
Price: $39.95
On Sale! 32.95
On Sale! $32.95


By popular request, we now offer a Large Display Format, Multi-Chemistry Battery Checker 

  • LARGE, E-Z to read 4-digit Digital Voltmeter.
  • Evaluates 2S-7S Lithium batteries.
  • Works also with legacy NiCd and NiMH’s.

Comes with FREE EDN-XH2S-JR Balance Adapter for use with EDNano (A123) Rx Batteries.

EDN-XH-CP_web-small.jpg ED-Nano XH5 to CellPro Node/Balance Adapter SKU: EDN-XH5-CP Price: 19.95
Price: $19.95

Hard-to-find Balance Adapter for CellPro-wired batteries on XH-type Chargers and Testers!

Balance and test ED-Nano (A123) and other 2S - 5S Lithuim packs wired with CellPro Balance connectors on a variety of A123/LiFe-compatible chargers and testers with JST-XH balance ports, e.g.

12ub.jpg EDC-4341 Buffer-Amplifier Interface SKU: EDC-4341B Price: 12.00
Price: $12.00
Your new Spread-Spectrum Radio won't play nice with "other brand" servos, sequencers, ECU's etc.?
The EDC-4341B boosts low Rx signals (from 1.5V - 4.0V) to full battery voltage.
An E-Z fix for only $12.00!
Recommended by Futaba!

"Universal" connectors, fits all radio brands.

106Y-II.jpg EDR-106Y-ii Advanced Pro Servo Reversing Y SKU: EDR106Y-II Price: 35.95
Price: $35.95

E-Z No-Hassle Servo Reversing.
One output reversed the other normal.

Use for split elevators and flaps.

Advanced Features:

  • ZERO time skew (i.e., NO lag) between outputs.
  • Computer-accurate Servo Reversing around Industry-Standard 1.520 millisecond center pulsewidth
  • Comes with Universal Connectors, compatible with all RC systems.

Click on picture for more information

107ADP_web_small.jpg EDR-107ADP Fiber Optic Kill Switch System SKU: EDR107ADP Price: 84.95
Price: $84.95
On Sale! 77.45
On Sale! $77.45

Throttle's STUCK!! Can't slow the Engine to land!!!...  What's running out first - Fuel or Batteries?

Shut Down That Gas Engine SAFELY – from your Tx!

The EDR-107ADP Fiber Optic Kill Switch is THE Ultra-Reliable No-Interference Gas Ignition Kill Switch SystemNOW IMPROVED with Advanced Deadstick Prevention!

  • No spark noise Interference!  NOTHING beats physical distance between your engine's High-Voltage Ignition and your RC System.for squashing spark noise interference.  Yes, EVEN on 2.4GHz systems!
    • Our EDR-107 Systems have always used a plastic Optical Fiber to maintain a safe separation between Rx and Ignition.
  • Super E-Z plug-and-play installation!
  • NOW, it's even better - ADP prevents an accidental deadstick if you should bump the Engine Kill switch on your Tx instead of the retract or dual-rate switch.
    • The Ignition is shut off only after a 5-second "change-your-mind" delay...
    • For immediate Ignition Kill, "Double-click" the Tx Engine Kill switch.
  • Save one precious channel - 'Kill-with-Throttle-Trim'!
  • May also be programmed to function in the old Traditional Kill Switch mode, i.e., with ADP function disabled, for those who still prefer it that way.
EDR-108_web_small.jpg EDR-108 Pow'r Back'R SKU: EDR108 Price: 49.95
Price: $49.95

Dual-Redundant Battery Backup

The EDR-108 Pow'R Back'R uses two 6.0 - 7.4V Battery Packs and two Switches to provide Dual-Redundant security to your airborne system, just like in full-size aircraft.

With the EDR-108 Pow'R Back'R, you can tolerate a single failure (open-circuit, short-circuit, low voltage) in either battery pack, or switch, or battery wiring, without losing radio control.

Our EDR-108 Pow'R Back'R is STILL the ONLY Redundant Battery system currently on the market that offers TRUE "ground isolation" between the two batteries. 

This means that you can safely use any multi-output charger, or, two DC field chargers connected to the same 12V field box battery, to charge your two redundant batteries thru the switch harnesses, hassle-free!!

Add Switches
111.jpg EDR-111 Pow'r Bus Pro SKU: EDR111 Price: 79.95
Price: $79.95
Glitch-proof that radio! Optically-Coupled Amplified 6-channel Servo Bus Isolator. Universal connectors compatible with Futaba-J/JR/Hitec/Airtronics-Z