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EDN-CC-C10XP-JR Combo Balance-Charge Cord SKU: EDN-CC-C10XP-JR Price: 24.95
Price: $24.95

E-Z, No-Hassle One-Plug Balance-charging of on-board ED-Nano (A123) Rx and Ignition batteries on the CellPro 10XP Charger

Use with the Ultra Switch ED-Nano for convenient charging, balancing and cycling WITHOUT disconnecting any onboard cables or fussing with a handful of wires!

  • Convenient 24" length - no need to dangle the charger off the side of your airplane!
  • Max charge current: 4 Amps
  • Input:
    CellPro 10s Connector  and Dual Banana Jacks plug into a CellPro 10XP charger
  • Plug-up_CP10XP_web_small.jpg
  • Output:
    Heavy-Duty JR 3-wire Female Charge Plug

    Just ONE Plug into the Ultra Switch ED-Nano on your aircraft (no-muss-no-fuss, no fishing for Balance and Power leads!)
    One-Plug Balance Charging_web.jpg
    Directly into the 3-wire Balance Cable on our ED-Nano (A123) Rx packs

How E-Z is that??