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EDR-77N Ultra Switch Nano Balance-Charge switch SKU: EDR-77N Price: 28.00
Price: $28.00

Heavy-Duty Switch designed specifically for ED-Nano (A123) batteries, with built-in Balance-Charge Port, for Receivers and Electronic Ignitions


  • Inputs: JR Power + JR Balance cord
  • Output: Two JR 2-wire Power cords (use one for 4A, or both for 8A max.)

Max. Load current 8A continuous.
Max. Charging current 4A.

Our popular Ultra Switch II is now available matched to our EDN-2S1P Rx battery for No-Hassle, plug-and-play use!

  • Simply plug in your EDN-2S1P Rx pack to the Ultra Switch Nano
  • Plug the Ultra Switch Nano to two ports your Rx for 8A load capability, or, optionally,  just one port for 4A max.
  • E-Z No-Hassle Charge-Check-n-Balance ED-Nano (A123)'s thru the Ultra Switch Nano's convenient charge port!

All the great features of the Ultra Switch II plus E-Z ED-Nano installation!!

Add our "Forget Me Not" Power Indicator for only $5.95 (that's a 40% savings!)