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EDR-122+ Servo-Slo Plus Price: 42.95
Price: $42.95

  REAL Flaps don't go "PLONK"

EDR-122+ Servo-Slo Plus

Tames the "speed" of RC servos* while retaining
the MAXIMUM servo output toque.

NOW with
Built-in Pro Servo Reverser!

Independently adjust servo end-to-end speed in each direction
     - from a fast 0.5 sec
     - to a s-l-o-o-w more than 10 sec.

  • Super E-Z set-up!
    • No fiddly programming
    • No confusing menus
  • ROCK-STEADY, no-jitter operation
  • "No muss- no fuss" installation
          Just plug in-line with the servo on the flap or retract channel.
          [Servos must be "proportional, non-retract" servos]
  • "Reversed servo rotation" on 2nd output for SUPER-convenience when used with flaps and spoilers
  • Comes with universal connectors.
  • Works with all brands and types of radios - AM / FM / PCM - even Spread Spectrum!!