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EDR-203 Servo-Ciser SKU: EDR2030 Price: 54.95
Price: $54.95
On Sale! 49.95
On Sale! $49.95

EDR-203 Servo Ciser

STILL installing servos the FRUSTRATING, OLD way??

"WOW... No more putting the plane together and wondering where the center is
or if the servo even works. I wish I had this years ago.
-- Dave Teich"

You NEED this tool!

  • Simple 3 button operation. Find your servos' electrical center with computer accuracy!

  • Breeze thru installations without Tx or Rx - stop "hangar rash" on your radio!

  • Super-convenience when working in tight spaces!

But it's MORE than a SUPER Servo Driver!

  • Test Pots, gears and motors... Weed out bad servos BEFORE they cause problems!

Need more info? 
Click here to download the EDR-203 Instruction Manual

    Now with

  • 99.995% ROCK-STEADY stability
  • better than "PCM 2048" precision!