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EDR-117C H9-Beaver LiteSys Complete System for Giant-Scale DHC-2 Beaver SKU: EDR-117C-H9-Beaver Price: 262.50
Price: $262.50
On Sale! 235.00
On Sale! $235.00
Lighting Control Option

Complete Combo Package for Giant-Scale (e.g., Hangar 9) DHC-2 Beaver!

  • Red+Green Wing and White Tailcone Nav Lights
  • Dual Double-Flash Wingtip Anti-Collision Strobes
  • Dual Pulse-Alternating (Wig-Wag) Wing Landing Lamps
  • Red FuselageBeacon
  • Dual RC Switch
  • Set of Intensifying Lenses for Landing Lamps
  • (See table below for full list of parts)

Requires 4.8V - 7.4V battery.  E.g.:

H9 DHC-2 Beaver Combo.jpg

Optional Upgrade:

  • 3-step Lighting Controller
    Use a 3-position switched channel on your radio for 3-step Lighting Control:
    • Step 1: Nav's and Beacons only
    • Step 2:  Nav's and Beacon + Wing Strobes
    • Step 3:  Nav's and Beacon + Wing Strobes + Landing Lamps