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EDR-102 One-Clik Multi-Connex SKU: EDR-102 Price: 15.00
Price: $15.00
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EDR-102 OneClik Multi-Connex

From Hair-Raising MESS to

                 Plug & Play with E-Flight 2.0m T-28!!!

                             Two 4 - Servo One-Clik Multi-Connex        

  • Tidy Up and Organize servo leads between fuselage and wing.
  • No more guessing and mistakes when connecting up multiple servos!
  • Super-secure positive snap-lock housings prevent accidental disconnects in flight.


  • Super Heavy-Duty 20AWG multi-strand super-flex cables increase o-o-m-p-h to servos and deliver superior vibration resistance.
  • HD Phosphor-Bronze pins and contacts rated up to 3 Amps continuous and more than 10,000 insertion cycles.
    WORRY-FREE! These contacts will outlast most airplanes!!

  • Available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 Servos.
  • Length (connected): 8"
    Custom lengths available - CALL.