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EDN-CC-XH6S-4S Combo Balance-Charge Cord SKU: EDN-CC-XH6S-4S Price: 24.95
Price: $24.95

E-Z, No-Hassle One-Plug Balance-charging of 4S Batteries with XH Balance Plugs using XH-compatible chargers, e.g.:

Balance-Charge 4S Lithium packs (e.g., our EDN-4S1P), up to 4 Amps, using ONLY the Balance Plug.

Convenient 24" length - no need to dangle the charger off the side of your airplane!

  • Max charge current: 4 Amps
  • Input:
    XH6S Connector  and Dual Banana Jacks plug into a XH-compatible chargers:
  • Output:
    Heavy-Duty XH4S Socket

How E-Z is that??