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ED-Nano CellPro Multi-4 Charger SKU: EDN-CP4M Price: 64.95

ED-Nano Cellpro Multi-4 Multi-Chemistry Charger
Advanced Charger with Full-Power Balancing Technology

Now - charge your A123's plus other Lithium, NiCd, NiMH, Gel cells, all in one convenient charger!
 Safe and E-Z, "No-hassle" Charging of all of your batteries in minutes with the limitless ability to customize your charging to fit your needs.

  • Cells are individually balanced-while-charging...  Get back in the air faster!
  • E-Z , intuitive operation - Prevent "mistakes" and "accidentally interrupting a charge"!
  • "Fuel Gauge" technology estimates remaining charge in a partially-discharged battery -- Use as a battery checker!
  • Real-time readout of individual cell voltages - Diagnose battery problems BEFORE they become serious!
  • Displays "mAH added" when charged - Useful for estimating in-flight power consumption!
  • Backlit, BRIGHT Liquid Crystal Display - EZ-to-read, even in low light conditions!
  • High Impact ABS Plastic protective enclosure -  Prevents accidental  shorts from loose tools at the field!

    But there's more, much, much more!

      The Cellpro Multi-4 is embodies the latest technology with a new microcontroller that's 4 times more powerful than the much-respected CellPro 4S, and offers many new features including:
  • Multi-Chemistry, supports LiPo, LiIon, LiFePO4, A123, LiMn, NiCd, NiMH, Lead-Acid (Gell- cells)
  • The CellPro Multi-4 comes ready-to use, but if you want to access its more advanced features, use the built-in PC Interface (requires with optional cable FUIM2)  and FREE (downloadable) Charge Control Software (CCS)
    • 25 User-Programmable Presets with built-in 50 library presets
    • Edit, save, and recall presets one at a time to your PC using the CCS.
    • Share your presets with your friends!
    • Tailor the CellPro Multi4 any way you want it using the CCS
  • Internet Upgradable - No need to return to the factory for firmware upgrades.  Just log on to the Internet!
  • Click here to download FREE Cellpro 4s Gold Charger Viewer Software

The bottom line:
 Just plug your battery's Node/Balance cable into the Cellpro Multi-4, push the Start button, let it do its thing, and... beep-beep-beep, it announces when it's done, no-muss-no-fuss!!

Perfect for charging at the field while half-a-dozen other things are going on around you at the time!

Optional Accessories:

  • For EZ, No-Hassle charging of ED-Nano 2S (Rx) batteries, add our CellPro 4 to JR Node/Balance Adapter
  • Make it even easier to use!
    Add an optional, but real convenient Node/Balance Extension to go from the CellPro Multi-4 to your airplane.   (We use it, and won't leave home without it!)
  • To conveniently program the CellPro Multi-4 using your PC, add the CellPro FUIM3 PC Interface Cable.