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EDR-125 Gear Mg'R SKU: EDR125 Price: 119.95
Price: $119.95
On Sale! 99.95
On Sale! $99.95

Plugs into Gear, Elevator and Rudder channels on your Rx, operates Rudder, Steering, Elevator, Brake, Gear servos.

  • Prevents accidental gear collapse on power-up
    Ensures the retracts are "Down" on power-up, regardless of Tx Gear switch position.
  • Automatically manages Retracts, Steering and Brake functions
    Rudder - Steering Mix
    Down Elevator - Brake Mix
    Gear-up mix override
    Programmable endpoints and centering
  • Frees up Steering and Brake channels on the radio
  • No complicated Tx mixing
    Saves up to 4 mixes!
  • E-Z "no brainer" installation and setup

Transforms a lowly 7-channel radio into a high-end 9-channel,
or a high-end 10-channel into an X-treme 12 channel!!