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Y-Harnesses with Gold-Plated terminals
y.jpg 6in. Y-Harness XTRA HD 20AWG Wire SKU: EDC-36-S Price: 6.00
Price: $6.00
y.jpg 12in. Y-Harness XTRA HD 20AWG Wire SKU: EDC-36 Price: 6.50
Price: $6.50
y.jpg 24in. Y-Harness; HD 22AWG Wire SKU: EDC-37 Price: 9.00
Price: $9.00

22AWG; 24" Long Y-Harness.

yb.jpg 24in. Buffered Y-Harness HD 20AWG Wire SKU: EDC-16 Price: 15.95
Price: $15.95
Y-Harness with built-in Amplifying Buffer. Suppresses long wire interference.
106Y-II.jpg EDR-106Y-ii Advanced Pro Servo Reversing Y SKU: EDR106Y-II Price: 35.95
Price: $35.95

E-Z No-Hassle Servo Reversing.
One output reversed the other normal.

Use for split elevators and flaps.

Advanced Features:

  • ZERO time skew (i.e., NO lag) between outputs.
  • Computer-accurate Servo Reversing around Industry-Standard 1.520 millisecond center pulsewidth
  • Comes with Universal Connectors, compatible with all RC systems.

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