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EDR-77NHD HD Ultra Switch Nano with Deans or EC3 SKU: EDR-77NHD Price: 31.95
Price: $31.95
Power Connectors:

Super High-Amp Switch with built-in Balance-Charge Port for Giant-size Scale, Aerobats and Jets with ED-Nano EDN-2S1P-HD Battery and Power Busses


  • Inputs: Deans or EC3 Power + JR Balance cord
  • Output: Deans or EC3

Need a Heavy-Duty Deans® or EC3 Power?
This one's for you!

Max. Load current 10A continuous.
Max. Charging current 4A.

Our popular Ultra Switch II is now available matched to our EDN-2S1P-HD battery for No-Hassle, plug-and-play use!

  • Simply plug in your EDN-2S1P-HD pack to the Ultra Switch Nano
  • Plug the Ultra Switch Nano to your Hi-current device for 10A load capability.
  • E-Z No-Hassle Charge-Check-n-Balance ED-Nano (A123)'s thru the Ultra Switch Nano's convenient charge port!
  • Now available with EC3 connector for Spektrum Rx's (e.g. AR9100)

All the great features of the Ultra Switch II plus E-Z ED-Nano (A123) installation!!

Add our "Forget Me Not" Power Indicator for only $5.95 (that's a 40% savings!)