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    EDR-203 ServoCiser
    EDR-206 Turbine Driver
    EDR-207L NanoTest
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    EDR-107ADP Kill Switch
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Cool Charger A3

Easy-to-use, lightweight, efficient, cool-running, "FUMBLE-PROOF" field charger for:
                           *  1 - 8 cell NiCd, NiMH (Perfect  for EDR-103 GlowLite!)
                           *  1S - 3S Lithium batteries.

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Charge Rx and Tx batteries,
Glowplug batteries, Electric power batteries. Turbine ECU batteries.

Set-It-And-Forget-It simplicity, no menus, no buttons, no complicated programming!.

  • High frequency switchmode circuitry achieves high efficiency, small size, cool operating temperature and light weight.
  • Reverse polarity protection both at input and output.
  • Low-voltage detection circuit automatically preconditions a deeply discharged pack with a 30mA wake up charge.
  • LEDs indicate charging modes and alarms.
  • Constant Voltage - Constant Current (CVCC) method optimally charges 1 to 3 cell Li-Po batteries.
  • Constant Current - Peak Detect optimally charges 1 to 8 cell NiCd / NiMH
  • Selectable charge current: 300mA / 600mA / 1200mA / 2000mA
  • Comes with JST "BEC" connector.
Cool Charger A3

Charge Adapters for Rx, Tx and EDR-103 GlowLite:


thumbs/acegsqc.jpg Glow Starter Quick Charger

Convenient Quick Charger for topping up 1.2V Glow Starters from 12V DC. 800mA fast charge; auto-trickle at 70mA after 20-25 min.

Efficient switchmode circuit draws less than 250mA from 12V supply while charging.

ACE Super Smart Charge

Automatic, no-hassle, fast charging of Tx/Rx batteries in a hi-tech, safe and efficient manner. Fast charge rate: 550mA.


ACE Super Digipace 3

Cycles Tx and Rx NiCd/NiMH batteries to condition and test them.