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Pro Servo Reverser

EDR-106 Pro Servo Reverser

Why are there no adjustments on the Pro Servo Reverser?

There is no adjustment on the EDR-106 by design.

Competing products on the market with adjustments provide these to compensate for circuit component variations. These components drift with temperature - they will center differently on a hot day vs. a cold day, resulting in unwanted and unexpected "roll" (aileron) trim changes in the elevator!

(A simple test - apply a heat gun to our competition, wait a few seconds and watch the "reversed" control surface move!)

The EDR-106 Pro Servo Reverser is microcomputer-driven, crystal-controlled, and holds center within 0.02% from 10F to 140F (i.e., for a typical 40 degree throw of a control surface, the centering will vary less than on hundredth of one degree from a miserably snowy day in Maine to a painfully hot day in the high desert!).

Slight initial centering differences in the servo, adjusted out with the linkage clevises will remain ROCK-STEADY STABLE over the entire "flyable" temperature range - you adjust the linkage anyway to compensate for building tolerances.

The main thing is, you won't get unknown and unexpected trim changes during use, varying from one day to the other, or possible vibration-induced trim changes when vibration shakes the adjustment pot as well!

The bottom line?

This is the easiest to use, most stable, no-hassle Servo Reverser on the market!


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